Provide the local community a place to dream, create and inspire. We are suporters of local artists, businesses owners, and creative professionals. We co-work together, sourcing and referring business leads and tapping into peer-insight, all in a collective effort to contribute to each other's success. We welcome creative professionals, such as videographers and photographers, providing a studio space to shoot and create beautiful work. We offer local online business owners a chance to interact with clients and promotiong business in our Pop-Up Shops. 

Located in the heart of Historic Roswell, our space is a loft among amazing restaurants and art galleries. A creative space used for many purposes. We have a studio room where creativity can flow and beautiful images can be captured. Weekdays we also function as a coworking space, where professionals can grab an available desk spot and start their workday. Our locals can book our loft for private and corporate events during the evenings and weekends. We do Pop-Up Shops, gathering a group of local business owners selling their products, providing a fun and a unique way to shop and support local businesses that are most online shops.

Meet Gisele 

The one behind Cre[8] Loft idea. Entrepreneur, rule breaker, artist, photographer, aspiring pilot, adventure junkie, dreamer. 

Gisele's artistic path started kicking in around teenage years, as she falls in love with digital arts. With a Bachelor in Business Administration, it was not until 2008 Gisele found her true passion, Photography. Two years ago, after a life change event, Gisele started reinventing herself and started flying drones for aerial photography. The idea of a flying camera was beyond passion to her. So she created Aerial Avenue, A drone and 3D Virtual Tour solution company operating from Cre[8] Loft's space. 

Gisele always dreamt to have her own studio in a charming downtown, and for her is truly amazing to see this dream a reality. Cre[8] Loft is not only a place to express her art through Portraits by Gisele, and run Aerial Avenue, but also supports other businesses, and professionals, forming a community of inspiring people that chase their dreams and inspire others constantly. 

 "Running a photography business can be lonely. And you can’t be successful in a vacuum. I felt for a long time the struggle in making my business to succeed and staying motivated. It’s important to surround yourself with supportive people that believe in you and remind you why you started this journey to begin with. As part of the Cre[8] Loft family, we all can embrace the entire breadth of our creative potential, working alongside and making the most of every single day."